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SmartBodies Smartest Loser

Overview / Explanation:

The Smartest Loser is held during the first six months of every year. From the day you take the before picture and measurements (weight, girth measurements & body fat) you have 12 weeks to make the most change.
You must workout at Smart Bodies at least 6 times per month to be eligible during the 12 weeks.
The same trainer who measured you must measure you again any day of your 12th week.

Judging will be based on the TOTAL PER CENTAGE OF CHANGE according to the weight lost by each contestant. This will be done as it is done on the television show, The Biggest Loser.

Each client will also be asked to set specific goals that they want to accomplish in the 12 weeks of the contest. Prizes donated by our sponsors will also be awarded to anyone who reaches his or her personal goals as were set at the time of measurement.

Smartest Loser Couples...

Anyone can join with one other contestant to combine their weight and total percentage of change. If these 2 people win the contest, they have to go together on the Grand Prize vacation.

The Grand Prize this year is courtesy of Travel Dreams travel agency. They are awarding one overall winner with a 3 night trip for 2 to an all inclusive Breezes Resorts in Jamaica. (The air fare unfortunately can not be a part of the package.)
There will be many other prizes donated by local sponsors. These prizes will be listed on our website and promoted within the gym.

The winners will be announced at our annual Client Appreciation Party at the end of June. The date and time of this event will soon be available. All clients and their families are invited to this event.