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Question: How can I make personal fitness affordable?

Answer: With the days of one hour one on one personal training behind us, even today's top gym franchises realize there is a greater benefit in time and efficient workouts. At Smartbodies Resonal Fitness Center we have been offering afforable personal training since 1991. When our trainers get you started on your personalized workout we are able to provide a great workout for another client (or two) at the same time. Our equpment is laid out so that you are never left alone (even though when it gets challenging you may want to be!). Your trainer is always around to make sure you are getting the most fat burning errects while keeping proper form for insured safety.


Question: What is the best way to work out for fat loss?

Answer: If the goal of your workouts is to lose body fat, then your workout should consist of compound movements. Compound movements are exercises that combine more than one movement from the body and/or joints so that more than one muscle is being worked in one exercise.

At Smart Bodies, we make sure that all of your fitness goals are met, so if the goal of your workout is to lose fat, our programs are designed with efficient comping movements that make the most of your time at the gym.

Compound movements basics are lunges, squats, pull downs, bench presses, push ups, etc. The Smart Bodies trainer takes that concept to a more creative and calorie-burning level by combining those movements together. Lunges and presses. Squats and rows. No wonder our clients get such great results in such short time.


Question: Why do people always ask to "work their core"?

Answer: A very common sayingwe hear from clients in the fitness world is that they want to work heir core. But most of the time they are saying that for the wrong reason. They tend to think that by core exercises they will get a leaner mid-section. Now let's bust that myth once and for all. Excersizes in a specific area will only improve the function of the muscle in that area and NOT do anything to the fat in that area specifically.

So yes, plankes and wood chops are great for your midsection. They are also grear excersizes for keeping your body working functionally. But be sure to perform them in proper progression so that you keep your lower back safe. And put them in your workouts for tw right reasons.