Since 1996, Smart Bodies Personal Training Center has been the area’s leading facility for results-oriented personal training in a non-intimidating motivating atmosphere.

With reasonable and affordable fitness training plans for personal attention to your health and fitness, our flexible schedule makes it almost effortless to get you on schedule.  keep you on schedule, making a clear path to help reach your fitness goals.

Smart Bodies Fitness offers a variety of ways to compliment your journey to your newly earned confidence and physique:


  • Personalized Fitness Training
  • Partner Training
  • One-On-One Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Classes specializing in Fat Burning, Pilates, Aerial Yoga, Barre and more
  • Unlimited use of our fully Equipped Cardio Room with access every day
  • One-on-One Boxing Instruction and Training
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Our Services


Partner Sessions

Partner sessions are the most popular and efficient. During your session Smart Bodies may schedule another person to work out with you and trainer.

Nutritional Counseling

Smart Eating at Smart Bodies is a one on one nutritional consultation where we design an eating plan for you guaranteeing that you reach your fitness goals.

Smart Bodies Boxing

Looking for a new way to punch up your fitness routine? Smart Bodies Boxing is fun, exciting and a great cardiovascular and stress fighting experience.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an unconventional approach to movement. The Massage Therapy offers classes that fuse together Pilates, bands, aerial yoga, barre, cardio and weights.


Thank you so much for your support, guidance and super hard work out sessions the past five months! Smart Bodies Allie Testimonial When I started here, it was hard to believe I’d finish a 10 mile race, but you helped me get through it, and then some. Next up? Philly marathon!It’s great to have trainers who know your goals, care about you meeting them, and push hard along the way. I fell stronger now than I ever have in my life.

Allie-Testim -Marathon


I was the person who never went to gym or exercised. After I lost about 40 pounds on Weight Watchers in 11/98, a friend of mine convinced me to become a client of Smart Bodies. She said it was great to workout there and I could definitely do it. I never thought I would see the results that I have seen.In January 1999, I joined Smart Bodies Transformation Contest and lost 18 pounds of fat and 20 inches in ONLY 12 weeks.

Weight Loss6


Thank you so much for sponsoring me as a finalist in the American Miss Junior Teen New Jersey Pageant. I have been training at smart bodies over the last three months. I started at Smart Bodies to build up my upper body strength to improve my tumbling. Personal Trainer It’s nice to have a trainer who works with me and cares about me meeting my goals. Training at Smart Bodies has improved my strength, tumbling and confidence.


This is personalized fitness at its best!! It’s a great workout with a friendly atmosphere. Very affordable and these guys hold you accountable with your fitness goals. I usually train with Mike, but the rest of the staff is amazing too! Look no further, this is the place to be for a great workout!!

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Great group of trainers! Theyre knowledgeable, friendly, and they make it fun to be there! Love these guys!!

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Ive spent a couple days a week here for the last 20 years ..if u care about your body u cant afford not to do the same

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Our Prices

NEW at Smart Bodies Personal Fitness Center – Massage Therapy

Lauren has been a practicing licensed massage therapist since 2012. Her approach to bodywork is rather unique, integrating Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point style massage, myofascial and connective tissue release, manual lymphatic drainage as well as weaving in her knowledge kinesiology and medical intuition.
She also loves working with aromatherapy, appreciating their grounding, and warm undertones in a treatment. She tries to accommodate to each individual she works with, understanding pressure preferences and pain tolerance is subjective, and does her best to match each client’s desired needs by being mindful and transparent not only during intake, but during table time as well.

Massage therapy is a widely recognized treatment aiding in the body’s movement and healing. Lauren Brigham is a licensed massage therapist practicing since 2012. She completed her massage degree at Lincoln Tech, earning her Massage Therapy Certification. She is board licensed and certified by the State of New Jersey for Massage & Bodywork Therapy.

Lauren’s massage therapies are therapeutic, handcrafted, and personalized with her unique approach to bodywork.  Lauren’s integrates Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point massage, myofascial and connective tissue release, and manual lymphatic drainage. Her background in kinesiology, her medical intuition and varied experience offers her clients impressive and practical skills as well as an in-depth understanding of the benefits of various massage therapies.

Lauren uses aromatherapy with high-quality, organic essential oils that are absorbed through the skin or inhaled through a diffuser. These oils are known to benefit the mind and body through the limbic system. Some oils are used to promote calming and relaxation, others to uplift and energize and others to promote decongestion.  Aromatherapy may aid in the reduction of pain and discomfort and add to the benefit of the massage bodywork.

Lauren’s loyal clientele appreciates how she accommodates their body’s condition at each visit by adjusting pressure preferences and understanding each individual’s pain tolerance. Her gift is to match each client’s desires and the needs of their body to give the best experience. Lauren is mindful of her client’s entire experience, from the time they arrive, throughout the massage time and after. She is focused on delivering a massage that is responsive to each individual’s need.

Lauren’s energy and passion for helping her clients feel better allows her to provide her expertise and quality care to both men and women who are suffering from sports-related pain, or those looking for stress and tension relief. Lauren is committed to helping her clients feel better so they can enjoy their lifestyle.  The healing power of her skillful touch and her depth of knowledge makes her a cut above most massage therapists.

Massage Prices

$30 / $45

30 Minute Stretching Session—$30

30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage—$45

$80 / $75

60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage—$80

Package of 5—$375 ($75 each)

$115 / $110

90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage—$115

Package of 5—$550 ($110 each)

Massage Availability


CLASSES BY Massage Therapy

Smart Bodies is the home of Massage Therapy

For Class Schedules and more information please contact Raquel at:

Hours of Availability

  • Monday to Thursday:  5:00 AM to 8:30 PM
  • Friday:  5:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Saturday:  6:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Sunday:  7:00 AM to 1:00 PM


  • Call the Front Desk at 856-983-2625
  • Text  Anthony at 215-858-1595

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